We took Salo Horse Show by storm!

Here we are – finally recovered from last weeks Salo Horse Show. Must say we hade enough fun and excitement for one weekend! We arrived on Wednesday evening and had nice sunny day on Thursday but Friday really hit us with stormy winds! That summer storm on Friday was no joke. It was actually quite scary at times when wind ripped our tent, and we had to grab whatever stuff we could – otherwise it would fly around the arena (and scare the horses of course!). That being said, we really admire all you brave riders who competed in that weather! Cudos to you!

And hey, stormy winds can’t stop us! We Horse Girls – we are sourceful gals. See the picture above where we tied our tent on our HoH Tour Van. Screw you Summer Storm!

So the wind didn’t ruin our weekend and we had so much fun meeting you all again! It was so nice to see so many familiar faces and hear your feedback. To all our new customers: please tell us what you think of our products. We love to receive your feedback on social media too! Find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Our next Summer Tour stop is going to be HankoSeaHorseWeek so see you all there! We will stock up our Van and bring you loads of hoodies, t-shirts and caps but also some new and really exciting products! And guys! When travelling on your summer vacation trips, if you see a car with HoH decal, you know there’s a Proud Horse Girl on board!

Peace and love! <3