Hello everyone! 💖


It’s almost Christmas and we at HoH are so ready to take it all in and enjoy the beautiful wintertime and Christmas vibes here in Finland! Even Helsinki is currently covered in snow. ⛄💙



We recently had a pre-Christmas party at our Showroom and had so much for two whole days! Thank you again to everyone who came to visit us! 💖 More posts and photos about this coming later! Take a look at our Instagram for some already. @houseofhorses_helsinki 🦄




Here’s a little Christmas greeting from Rachel aka the Stylish Equesterian (Click!) who’s part of our HoH Squad. 💖 We asked her a few questions about her Christmas plans…




Hey Rachel! What kind of plans do you have for Christmas and this winter season? Do you have any Christmas traditions?


Christmas for us is family time: a wonderful few days spent at my parents home in Holland. Eating, drinking, sharing gifts for the kids and enjoying each others company. We always exchange gifts on the evening of the 24th, as we find it much nicer to do in the evening combined with some good food, a fireplace roaring and a glass of wine. On Christmas day we always decorate Christmas cookies: something we have done since I was a little kid and we have now continued with our own kids.



What are you going to give for your horses as a Christmas treat or a present? Have they been naughty or nice?


My darling Clemmie has been exceptionally nice this year: tolerating me riding while pregnant, being a superstar during her summer stay in Holland and now being stronger and braver than ever in her new Swiss home. She will get lots of cuddles, carrots and a warm new blanket for Christmas.


Rachel wearing our Candy Pocket Hoodie, Raincoat and Grey Cap!


What are few of your personal favourite pieces from the House of Horses Helsinki collection? Which of our products would you give and to who as a Christmas gift?


My absolute favorite is the Raincoat: I love wearing it out to go shopping and on rainy days at the stables. The perfect piece for any time of year! I would gift this one to anyone with a fun loving outdoor lifestyle. I would also love to send all my horse loving friends a Candy Pocket Hoodie (which i love wearing around the house by the way): comfortable, cute and soooo practical for your phone and horse treats!


Thank you so much Rachel and happy holidays! 💖

Remember to check out her amazing blog and Instagram @the_stylish_equesterian 💌




We were also recently featured in the latest issue of Mein Pferd magazine in Germany! You can spot our HoH Hoodie on page 31! 👇




We at House of Horses Helsinki want to wish you all a beautiful Christmas time! We will also take a few days off to spend time with our loved ones during Christmas but will be back at the office in no time. 💪✨ You can always reach us via e-mail [email protected] or phone +358442367679 📱


If Santa brings you something from HoH this Christmas please remember to post about it and tag us #houseofhorseshelsinki #hohxmas 😍💝

We always love to hear from you! 💌


We are really excited about the upcoming new year and all that we have planned. 🦄💞 We can’t wait to share it all with you!


Enjoy the holiday season everyone! 🎁🎄⛄🌟💝


With warm wishes,

House of Horses Helsinki Team